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I'm so glad you found your way here. 

Antenatal Education
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1. 'A woman who serves'

Hello! I'm Antonia
Huge congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope that you're feeling GOOD! How absolutely wonderful that you're looking for doula support; it really can make all the difference.
A little bit about me

I'm an experienced antenatal, hypnobirthing & baby massage teacher, and a birth & postnatal doula, living and working down by the coast, in beautiful West Sussex.
I was originally a primary school teacher, but since 2009 have been supporting expectant and new parents as they navigate their way through the monumental task of bringing a baby into this overwhelming world. A professional hand holder if you will, I will be by your side throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond - supporting you every step of the way

When I'm not looking after new families, I'm hanging out with my lovely husband and our three noisy kids (who are growing up at breakneck speed), walking our two rescue dogs on the beach, or working on various climate and animal rights campaigns.

Peace on earth begins at birth 
I really, truly believe this - and nothing makes me happier than being a part of it. 


Tailormade TLC

Mothering YOU, as you settle into parenthood

Unlocking your baby's first love language

Climate Grief
& Motherless Mothers Support
For those in distress

Image by Georgia de Lotz

It's all about you

From the minute we agree to work together, we become a team. Whether you need me to come to hospital appointments with you or help you plan a home birth, whether you need a home cooked meal, your feet rubbed - or your own personal antenatal teacher - I am IN.  I'm here for all of it. We'll sit on your sofa and chat until you feel like you can take on the whole world. 

I'll always be at the end of the phone. And when it's time for your baby to join us. I'll come running. By your side throughout your birth, I'll be and doing everything in my power to ensure that you have the most positive birth experience you could possibly hope for. 

Organised and practical, I'm also gentle, soft and affectionate. 

But if it's a tiger you need, I will advocate for and protect you as if you were my cub. 

Our relationship will be completely unique. 


Whatever you need at this incredibly special time, I'm all yours. 


"We feel so blessed and lucky beyond belief that we got to have you as our doula. We wholeheartedly couldn’t have coped with Otto’s birth without you. The minute you walked in the room and held my hands I knew I could handle anything.” 

Frankie, Mum to baby Otto

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